Teas are greatly favored by many due to the plenty of benefits present in the different types of teas. Whether you choose to wake up to a tea, fall asleep with one, drink exclusively teas, or you drink them between coffee cups. Here are some of our favorite benefits.

  1. Increased Metabolism

Teas such as black, oolong, and green tea contain polyphenols that have shown to increase calorie expenditure and reduce body fat. In a study, it was found that individuals who drank 2-6 cups of green tea over a 12-week span had a lower body fat percentage and lower weight than those who did not drink teas. 

2. Reduces Risks of Certain Chronic Diseases

Teas contain plenty of antioxidants and other great components that have been found to decrease the risk of heart diseases, strokes, and certain cancers. Green teas were also found to have a positive effect on hypertension and obesity. 

3. Great for Hydration

Surprising to many, teas are great for hydration, unlike coffee. However, despite the caffeine present in many of the teas, teas can actually hydrate you just like water. 

4. Improved Gut Health

Many health-fanatics try to improve gut health. Teas contain polyphenols that can beneficially modify gut bacteria, further improving blood sugar levels, weight loss, and reduce carbohydrate absorption.

5. Boost Fertility

According to a 2018 review, fertility may be affected by oxidative stress in reproductive tissues. Teas contain polyphenols that have been proven to act as an anti-inflammatory component with plenty of antioxidants. Teas may be able to be the link for men and women. 


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