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Trouver un magasin

      Orange / Earl Grey Gin Moose


      • 300 ml boiling water
      • 10g of Natural Moose Honolulu Tea
      • 2 tbsp lemon juice
      • 1 ½ cl grenadine syrup
      • 5 cl gin
      • Ice cubes for serving
      • Orange slices for garnish

      Step 1

      Pour boiling water over the tea. Let it steep for about 10 minutes. Place in the refrigerator and let cool down for approx. 10 more minutes.

      Step 2

      2 tbsp lemon juice, 11⁄2 cl grenadine syrup, 5 cl gin, ice cubes for serving, orange slices for garnish

      Cocktail shaker

      Put lemon juice, grenadine syrup, gin and ice cubes in the cocktail shaker. Shake vigorously and pour into a glass with fresh ice cubes. Top up with the Honolulu Tea and garnish with orange slices. Cheers!